We understand the hard times that are here but yet life must still go on. For that reason, we, at DudzMobility would continually strive to get our varying clients great deals at a very pocket-friendly price tags.

This might mean exploring the slightly accident or salvage cars as options. So, we guarantee to save you hundred of thousands Naira when you use our service to achieve this option.

The fact is 90% of vehicles in car shops in Nigeria were salvage. After being repaired and re-branded, dealers put them up for sale and buyers are rarely ever aware of the extent of the damage.

We, however, advise you to use our service to buy that your new vehicle though salvage or accident from the USA and we put you through regarding how to repair it and save yourself a whole lot of money.

But first of all, let’s show you the type savage cars you can buy.

Type of Savage or Damaged Cars To Buy

To safe your money and headaches, these are the types of savage cars you can buy from the USA:

  • A great body but mechanically damaged
  • Fender benders
  • Side damages without affecting the car frame
  • Minor rear impacts
  • Deployed steering airbags cars

Top Secret to Know,

No matter how clean they may look, don’t ever buy a flood titled vehicle…

Below are 2 samples of easy fix salvage cars we would gladly recommend for purchase .They are Easy fix that wont gulp a max of N200,000 thus saving you about a million Naira.

2013 Camry Sport

2015 Corolla Sport


Then follow these steps…

  • Visit or to search for your desired vehicle,obtain the lot or stock number.
  • Email the lots or stock numbers to or send via whatsapp to 08036363467.
  • in not more than 40 minutes , we would respond with a comprehensive breakdown of possible cost to get the said vehicle to your doorstep or as specified by client .
  • A refundable deposit of $400 or 10% (whichever is larger) must be paid to us before we proceed with the procurement .
  • We would strictly bid to client’s specified maximum as such would never exceed your specified budget.
  • Once a bid is won, you have a maximum of 48 hours which is 2 days (weekend included) to remit dues for the lot won as auctions would slam $50 per day fine if it doesn’t receive payment by the 3rd day and more storage fee for late pick up from the auction yard.
  • If your bid is not won, you can request for your deposit back or direct us to bid on another desired lot. That is, your refundable deposit would be paid back in full if you don’t want to bid on another lot.
  • If a lot is won at a price not higher than your stated maximum and you decide not to buy again, your paid refundable deposit of $400 or more will be forfeited as it would be used to pay a relist fee to be charges by the auction .
  • Our commission remains a pocket-friendly $250 for each purchased. Note that our commission is only due if a lot is bought and paid for .
  • Once your procured vehicle is shipped, a bill of lading or telex release issued and clients have the option of using their own agent to clear unit or sticking with our reputable customs clearing unit to clear their vehicle .

Don’t forget we provide the widest range of professional clearing services to meet our client’s needs more effectively.

Know why we are the best for you or read what our previous clients have to tell you about our services.vehicle

Please be aware that delays can sometimes occur during the winter months when the ports are closed or there is lack of available containers due to bad weather conditions.

Please note, NJ customs are overburdened due to very high volume, and delays with documentation are not uncommon. When shipping RORO there may be delays due to the large volume the shipping line is experiencing, in this case, the vehicle will be loaded onto the next vessel with available cargo space.