Dudzmobility International Limited is a duly registered company in Nigeria with RC Number 1364523 also duly licensed to carry out customs clearing service with NCS issued license Number C4464RC1364523 and registered automobile dealership by the Lagos state MVAA .

The experience we gave garner over many years of active service in the maritime and automotive industries puts us at an advantage over others thus our consistent ability to deliver on all promise made .

We handle all the process of purchase of vehicle from auctions in the USA , shipping to destination , clearing from the Lagos seaport to delivery to clients doorstep . We pride our self as the one stop solution to your car purchase need .

While we take the stress of clearing or shipping your consignment off your back, you could concentrate on your core operational and production activities.

Irrespective of the type of shipment shipped or to be shipped and as long as it is coming to any of the shipping terminal in Lagos ,we would gladly dish out our very best of service to you.

Our showrooms in Lagos also stock tens of clean title non Nigerian used vehicles for you to buy. if ordering from the USA is not a path you would like to take.

We gladly give you golden product and services at prices associated with bronze .

Our full range of services include:

  • Purchase from USA Auctions
  • Trucking to a USA port
  • Shipping to Africa
  • Clearing in Lagos
  • Forwarding to your desired location

To use our service.  contact us.