DudzMobility is a duly registered company with RC Number 1364523 and duly licensed to carry out customs clearing service with NCS issued license Number C4464RC1364523.

We are a one-stop solution for buying, shipping and clearing your desired vehicle or spare from the USA.

We are committed to delivering “golden” vehicles at the prices of “silver” as our licensed customs clearing unit delivers stress-free clearing service to our esteemed clients in Nigeria.

While we take the stress of clearing or shipping your consignment off your back, you could concentrate on your core operational and production activities.

Irrespective of the type of shipment shipped or to be shipped, as long as it is coming to or sailing from any of the Lagos Seaports and not contraband, we would gladly dish out our very best of service to you.

We remain an open book to you.

Our full range of services include:


  • Prior to Shipment
    • Confirm appointment of licensed agent.
    • Open or update your bank current account details.
    • Confirm on Pro Forma Invoice that country of origin, port of loading, supplier address & telephone number is correct.
    • Confirm quantity, unit price, Nigerian shipper’s address, & telephone is correct.
    • Confirm on PFI, the port of discharge, mode of shipment, proper cargo description is correct.
    • Confirm that correct Nigerian custom product harmonized tariff code is apply.
    • Confirm that correct marks & number is on the PFI.
    • For import, confirm that all above details was properly filled on monetary document form ‘M’
    • For export, confirm all details on Export monetary proceed form- NXP form.
    • Confirm that all regulatory permits regards product is attached to PFI & filled form ‘M’
    • Confirm that insurance certificate with correct premium calculation is attached to PFI (not necessary on export).
    • Confirm freight rate is correctly typed on PFI..
    • Confirm hazardous cargo compliance.
    • Confirm bank approval on filled Form ‘M’ by generated bank form ‘M’ B.A. number.
    • Confirm destination inspection form ‘M’ approval/ permission for cargo shipment.


  • Scan and send to supplier, the bank approved form ‘M’ number and bank BA| number
    • Confirm correctness of Bill of lading draft details before final B/L is issued.
    • Confirm correct form ‘M’ & BA number on bill of lading.


  • Track and confirm shipment is onboard intended vessel/ flight.
    • Confirm correctness of entered details on received shipping documents.
    • Confirm ETA- expected time of arrival.
    • Confirm shipping document to include B/L original, commercial invoice, certificate of value and origin, parking list.
    • Submit all received final shipping document to y our bank for final form ‘M’ approval.
    • Confirm the issuance of RAR (Risk Assessment Report) by inspection agent.


  • Licensed agent to calculate appropriate duty rate.
    • Licensed agent to confirm arrival of cargo list of intended vessel/ flight.
    • Filling and payment of duty tax on customs SGD.
    • Cargo check by customs and all other port security agency.
    • Final trucking of cargo out of port to shipper’s door step.


  • Confirm the ECN- Exchange Control document is validated by custom.
    • Confirm the issuance of Bill of lading as shipment evidence(for immediate export cargo only).
    • Confirm that empty container is returned safely back to port by your agent.

For further information, please contact us.