New Hampshire legalizes ‘Flying Cars’ for the road

Flying Car

The New Hampshire State Legislature has passed, and the governor has signed, House Bill 1182, which makes it legal to have a “roadable aircraft,” better known as a flying car, in the state.

These flying cars would have to take off and land from an actual airstrip, but the new law means they can drive there and back on public roads.

Aviator Glen Curtiss, one of the founders of the American aviation industry, designed the first flying car prototype, the Autoplane, in 1917. With its wings removed, it was capable of reaching speeds of 45 mph on the road but was never able to achieve sustained flight.

Today, early adopters in the U.S. can obtain vehicles from American manufacturers Samson Sky and Terrafugia as well as Pal-V, a Dutch company. Operators are required to have a pilot’s license as well as a driver’s license.

HB 1182 establishes procedures through which “roadable aircraft” can be registered and inspected, enabling them to utilize the infrastructure available to other motorized vehicles. They are prohibited from landing or taking off on public roads, however.

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