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Auto Maintenance Checklist .

As a motor vehicle owner, you have most likely heard a few people tell you that it’s important to have regular automobile maintenance to keep the vehicle running smoothly for as long as possible. While it is of course important to have regular maintenance, it isn’t always easy to know what, precisely, should be included in a regular maintenance checklist. After all, just like having an argument over which pair of shoes best compliments your gown or skirt, there are quite a few opposing views on which services are important and which ones belong on a regular maintenance checklist. To help simplify your auto maintenance, here are the top services you need to include on your auto maintenance checklist to help keep your car running smooth for years to come.

Every month, you need to spend at least ten minutes checking under the hood of your car.

  • Check hoses for cracking or cuts
  • Check the oil level (Check oil at every fuel fill up)
  • Check the tires for signs of wear
  • Check the brake fluid level.
  • Check the transmission fluid level
  • Check the wiper blades
  • Check the Engine oil level
  • Check the battery ,the battery wires and terminal head.
  • Check the air filter

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