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Frankfurt Motor Show 2019: 10 Most Powerful, Exotic New Cars

Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

During the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, a number of powerful, expensive and exotic new cars were launched. And if you have some money you want to blow on luxury, just make sure you have $9 million to get any of the following new battery cars.

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Alpina BMW X7

Most performance fans know BMW’s vaunted M performance brand, but the Bavarian automaker also has a long-standing relationship with independent “tuner” Alpina, and they’re cooperating on a special version of the BMW new SUV flagship, the X7. Like other Alpina-modified models, the crossover will get an array of new luxury features — along with lots more power.

Audi RS Q8

Just months after officially launching its new SUV flagship, the Q8, Audi will amp it up in the form of the RS, a designation reserved for its most powerful models. This super-high-performance take on the Q8 crossover pumps up performance by borrowing the same 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine used in the Lamborghini Urus, albeit detuned to a still-impressive 600 or so horsepower.

Byton M-Byte

The most eye-catching feature on this all-electric crossover is the 48-inch video instrument panel, but there are plenty of other reasons why the debut of the production version of the Byton M-Byte is grabbing so much attention.

Lamborghini Sian

Supercars traditionally rely on large-displacement V-8s and V-12 engines, but there’s a rapid transformation underway as they turn to battery power for their exotics. Lamborghini is taking its first step into “electrification” with the new Sian, a sleek two-seater that pairs a 6.5-liter V-12 with a 48-volt “mild” hybrid system to create its most powerful model ever, at a combined 808 horsepower.

Land Rover Defender

Possibly the most eagerly awaited debut scheduled in Frankfurt brings the new version of the British marque’s classic off-roader, the Defender.

Porsche 911 GT3

The German automaker is fond of offering an array of different variants, and of the 24 different versions of the brand icon, the Porsche 911 GT3 is the one to take most seriously.

Porsche Taycan

As with the 911, Porsche will offer multiple variants of the Taycan, including the Turbo and Turbo S. The latter will make 750 hp and enough torque to bury passengers in their seats, with a 2.6-second 0-60 launch and a top speed of 161 mph.

Audi AI

Trail Quattro: An “electrically driven off-roader of the future,” the AI:Trail is the final entry in a series of four concept cars that Audi started rolling out in 2017.

BMW M Next Vision

The latest BMW concept “provides a glimpse into the future of sporty driving,” explains the brand’s design chief, Adrian van Hooydonk.

Mercedes-Benz EQ Concept

Mercedes is investing billions in battery power and will show off an array of electrified models in Frankfurt. That includes the EQ Concept, which is widely believed to be a disguised version of a battery-powered complement to the brand’s current flagship, the S-Class sedan.

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